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Pinhole Photo Cart or Pod

We're sure that you'll find the perfect Photobooth option with one of our lovely packages but if you need anything changing, adding or bespoke just let us know. We're very flexible and love to be creative. 

(1) Pinhole Premium

Premium is the perfect Photobooth option for Weddings, Parties and Events.

Unlike others, we use two screens as standard.

One screen operates the Open Style Photobooth. It's simple to use; just check your post onscreen and press Start. That's it. Check the results on screen and either choose to Print or Start Again with a more amazing pose. 

Our second screen is  connected seamlessly to the Photobooth and displays a slideshow of all the photos taken. It allows Guests to print additional copies, view all the  pictures that have been taken or even e-mail their photos. All using the simple touchscreen.

We use high quality DSLR camera equipment, professional flash equipment and studio-quality printers to produce your prints. Your high quality 6" x 4" photos appear almost immediately. Want a strip of 4 photos instead? No problem - but most clients prefer our standard large prints that their guests can keep and treasure.

3 Hours Use

2018 - £475

2019 - £475

2020 - £495

Additional Hours at £75 per hour

Idle Hours are charged at £36 per hour.

Items Included in our Premium Package

* Photobooth with instant printing hosted using our Pod or Photo Cart

* Customisable print template using 6" x 4" photos (Alternative sizes are available)

* Customise your prints with text appropriate to your event

* Choice of four roof fabrics for the Photo Cart

* Choose almost any colour for the LED backlight on the Pod - match it to your event

* Unlimited photobooth sessions

* Slideshow on separate touchscreen with option to reprint any of the photos

* Email Pictures for sending later (Pictures will be emailed as soon as possible after the event).

* USB stick of pictures plus link to an online gallery (with password protection if required)

* Lots of lovely modern and vintage props

* Super friendly and  helpful trained Photobooth Attendant

* Combine with our Photography for the best deal. Visit our Pinhole Images Website for Pricing on a combined package of Photography with one of our Photobooths.

Pinhole Premium

  • Photo Cart

    Pose and look at the camera - the countdown shows when it will take the picture.

  • Photo Cart

    The Cart in action - large touchscreen shows the image immediately. Choose whether to Print or Cancel and start again

  • Photo Cart

    Select your photos from the slideshow and Share by email

  • Pod Photobooth

    The Pod Photobooth is perfect for Corporate events as well as parties.

  • The Pod Photobooth

    The Pod Photobooth is a standalone open style photobooth. It is perfect for Corporate events, parties, exhibitions and brand launches.

  • The Pod Photobooth

    The Pod's pictures are printed out at the side. The standard size is 6" x 4" but this can be upgraded to 6" x 9"

Pinhole Ultimate

  • Photo Cart

    See your photos on the big touchscreen before printing out!

  • Photo Cart or Pod

    Share photos from your Smartphone using the event #tag - they print out on our printer immediately! Shazam!

  • Photo Cart or Pod

    A simple touchscreen interface - type in your email address and press Send

(2) Pinhole Ultimate

The Ultimate Photobooth experience for those who want to share the Photobooth love!

All of the features of the Pinhole Premium plus Social Sharing.

From the second sharing screen, guests can instantly E-mail photos or share to their Twitter and Facebook accounts. 

Guests with Smartphones can print their photos too! Just upload them to either Twitter or Instagram with a specific event hashtag - our system constantly monitors the internet, downloads the photos and ....prints them out instantly too. Shazam!

The Twitter and Instagram photos are added to the slideshow and can be re-printed, tweeted and emailed too. Brilliant.  

Brides and Grooms love this feature because they get to see and keep the photos that have been shared by friends and family. 

3 Hours Use

2018 - £575

2019 - £575

2020 - £595

Additional Hours at £75 per hour

Idle Hours at £36 per hour.

Items Included in our Ultimate Package

* Bespoke Event Hashtag for Twitter and Instagram Pictures

* Email Pictures immediately (if no Wifi or Internet is available at the event, pictures will be sent as soon as possible after the event)

* Twitter and Facebook Sharing option  (*)

* Customisable Twitter and Instagram Print Template

* Plus all the features of our Premium Package

* Combine with our Photography for the best deal. Visit our Pinhole Images Website for Pricing on a combined package of Photography with one of our Photobooths.

(*)  These features are subject to 3G/4G Mobile Wifi or suitable venue WiFi being available. We suggest that the mobile phone coverage is checked before booking this package.

We're happy to travel anywhere but additional travel charges apply for events over 40 miles from our base in Pershore, Worcestershire. 

Please also allow 2 hours in advance for set-up time.

You want more? We love bespoke!

Additional options can include:

* Second copy of each photo for a Guestbook. We can supply the Guestbook.

* Large 6" x 9" or 6" x 8" Prints with Mount

* Panorama screen with slideshow of photos from the Photobooth and Guest photos. Or let us have a USB of your photos as JPEGs and we'll play a slideshow of them. 

* Customised Cart Fabric Roof. Our Standard Cart Roof Fabrics can be found on this link. Cart Fabric Selection

* Customised Cart Bunting.

Please enquire if you would like any of these additional chargeable options.

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