FAQs - Pinhole Photobooths

Why Pinhole Photobooths?

Pinhole Images is the name of our Photography and Photobooth company.

Our Pinhole Photobooths site primarily focuses on our Photobooths with their innovative designs and technically advanced social sharing options.

The Pinhole Images site focuses on our photography. We provide two professional photographers as standard. Our style is discreet and aims to capture documentary-style images that encapsulate the essence, energy and emotion of your event. 

Our Pinhole Images site is at www.pinholeimages.co.uk

We have some excellent offers for customers who would like a joint Photography and Photobooth package - please visit our Pinhole Images site for details.  Photography with Photobooths Pricing.

Where are you located?  

We are lucky enough to live in rural Worcestershire close to the Cotswolds, Worcester, Solihull. Birmingham, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwick, Leamington Space, Gloucester, Cheltenham and Bristol.  

We travel throughout the UK and Overseas. Travel over a certain distance will involve additional time and accommodation costs.  We will give you a customised quote if that is the case. 

Tell me more about the Pinhole Pod?

The Pod is a self-contained unit requiring a standard power socket within 10 metres distance. The other requirements are space (3m x 2m for comfortable operation of all the features with a backdrop).

It is 1.75m high.

Please allow two hours for delivery and set-up, although one hour is often sufficient, particularly if we've visited the venue before. 

The Pod is only suitable for indoor use or under cover in a marquee. 

The Photo Cart - what does it need and how easy is it to setup?

The Photo Cart needs a power socket within 10 metres distance of where it will be set up. We require space for the Photo Cart and enough room for guests to operate it - the minimum recommended is 3.5 metres x 2.5 metres. That assumes we will be using a backdrop (which we supply). 

If space is a constraint the Pod might be a suitable alternative. Sometimes we visit the venue in advance or discuss with the venue directly where it would be best to set it up. 

We would recommend that we have access two hours before the event to allow for setup and testing and to be ready for when your guests arrive. 

High Tech Stuff and Wi-Fi - What do we need?

Good question! We would love it if the whole of the UK had a beautiful broadband network and 4G signal everywhere - it would make our lives joyous.

We provide our own mobile Wi-Fi with the Ultimate Option to enable the collection and download of Twitter and Instagram Photos and for guests to send their photos by email, Facebook and Twitter.  This requires that a good 3G/4G signal is available at the venue. Alternatively the venue Wi-Fi can be used, so long as it permits access to social media sites.

If a suitable network is not available, we will be unable to collect social media posts. However, any e-mails of photobooth photos will be queued for sending later.

Are you fully insured?

We have full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity cover. And we are also registered under the Data Protection Act so you can be confident that any personal data will be kept in accordance with the regulations.

What happens if we book and then can't use your services?

When you make a booking and pay for our services we reserve the date for you. Any payments you have made are non-refundable as we have committed to you for that day and time and no-one else. This is the legal position, but if circumstances mean that you cannot fulfill the booking, we will try our best to agree an alternative with you.

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